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Description:   This program belongs to class 'Clipboard Manager'. It captures many clipboard objects and allows user to select and paste one in any program. Inspired by analogs: ClipDiary, Ditto, AceText. Main priorities: usability, compatibility, reliability.

Supports clipboard formats: text, html, rtf, file, image;
Captures data of supported types copied to clipboard (clips);
Captures sender window title and process name for clip;
Shows source URL for HTML clip;
Filter by marks 'Used (Pasted)' and 'Favorite' with keyboard shortcuts;
Filter by clip type;
Hot (as you type) text filter for clip list;
Stores last used for paste text filters;
Marking used (pasted) clips;
Marking filter matches in text;
Marking hyperlinks in text and Alt+click to open them;
Marking END of clip text;
Marking filter matches in list;
Allows to paste clip as original or plain text selected or all;
Repeated external copy of any previous clip raises it to top of list;
Settings 'Max clip size KB' and 'History depth number';
Setting 'Hotkey to open window with reset';
Multilanguage UI (Russian, English);
Searching back and forward filter text in text;
Ability to delete and move clips in list;
Text filter and clip list share key presses, no need to change focus;
History is stored encrypted on disk;
Setting 'Hotkey to incremental paste';
Switch 'word wrap';
Switch 'move just pasted clip to top';
Switch 'show column with short visible size of clip';
Command 'Edit clip title';
Edit clip text mode;
Commands 'Mark/Unmark favorite' for clips;
Support for format 'Clipboard Viewer Ignore' to respect password copy privacy;
Auto and manual check for new version and one click update;
Portable mode;
Auto position window on open near text input;
Switch 'Always on top' for window;
Command to open clip as file;
Command to simulate char input;
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